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Around the World Pet Resort - Luxury boarding for your cats and dogs


A Vacation Experience for you and your pet like no other.

- Extensive Playtime

- Spacious Accommodations

- Daily Updates so you do not have to worry

-Extensively Trained Staff

- 25 Points of Safety for your pet

- 20 Unique Destinations


Hours Open

Monday Through Saturday      

     Check Out Hours          9 am to 11 am

     Check In Hours               1 pm to 4 pm

Sunday and Holidays

      Check In and Check Out by appointment


All dogs have a large 6 x 6 run
A Comfortable Bed for all our canine guests

Playtime in appropriate play groups

Dog Excursions

Screenshot_20220126-115102_Samsung Internet (2).jpg

Cat Excursions

Luxury Cat Condos
Individual Playtime
Litterbox in separate room


What trip is complete without a little shopping?  Stop by our gift shop for pet decor, toys, accessories, and more.

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