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25 Points of Safety

We want every adventure with us to be an amazing journey.  This requires that it is a safe journey.  We take your pet's safety very seriously and make every effort that your pet will be safe from disease and injury.  We have made this effort from the building design and layout to our protocols and procedures.  Below we have listed our 25 Points of Safety for your pet.


1.  All guests are current on their vaccinations so that disease transmission is minimalized.

2.  No animals showing aggression to other animals or people are allowed to have extended stays.

3.  An Artificial Turf Play Yard that allows us to disinfect it to minimalize disease transmission.

4.  Safe play toys given to prevent possible foreign body obstructions.

5.  Soft bedding provided to prevent pressure point injuries.

6.  Runs and cages disinfected daily to prevent spread of disease.

7.  Bowls cleaned and disinfected daily to prevent spread of disease.

8.  Animals with contagious disease in the last 2 weeks are not allowed to board to protect our other guests.

9.  Run enclosures that prevent cross contamination from run to run.

10.  Appropriate air flow in cat cages to maintain a healthy environment.

11.   Adequate playtime to promote a healthy routine.

12.  Routine inspections on all cages, runs, and beds to make sure they are safe and secure.

13.  Safe, effective, low odor cleaning chemicals to decrease stress levels for your pet.

14.  A Fear-Free approach to all animals to lower their stress level to keep them healthy.

15.  Glass fronts on all cages and runs to allow for easy disinfection of all surfaces to minimize disease transmission.

16.  An attentive staff to carefully monitor all dog play groups.

17.  Cat Playroom carefully disinfected between each cat.

18.  Appropriately sized and selected dog play groups to prevent injury.

19.  All non-animal areas disinfected daily to prevent disease transmission.

20.  Carefully designed HVAC system to promote air quality and separate zones to minimize air borne disease.

21.  Carefully designed floor surfaces to allow for easy disinfection.

22.  Continual staff training to better know how to make your pet's experience safer.

23.  Careful monitoring of all guests for any signs of illness or contagious disease.

24.  Sound dampened walls to reduce noise transmission between spaces to decrease stress.

25.  A carefully cleaned bathtub, dryer cages, and bathing room to prevent disease transmission.

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