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Rates and Rewards


We are happy to provide the best experience for you and your pet and look forward to having them stay with us.  Here are the rates you can expect when they stay with us and the ways we will look to say thank you for the opportunity to get to know you, your pet, and those of your friends and family.


Boarding Rates

Dog Rates                                                              Cat Rates

Nightly Rate - $40

Additional Dog same run - $34

First Time Day Trip - $25

Nightly Rate - $32

Additional Cat Same Condo - 28

First Time Day Trip - $18

All Reservations require a 50% deposit when you book the reservation.  

All guests who stay 5 nights will receive a complementary bath.

Spa Services

We have expanded our bath offerings to provide a more luxurious experience for your pet.  The services are available to all boarding pets. 

Non-boarding pets can take advantage of our spa packages on weekdays when 

space is available and it has been scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  The vaccination requirements must be met by all pets taking advantage of the Spa Package.  The Coat Care Package can also serve as the First Time Day Trip.

Basic Dog Bath - $35

Dog Coat Care Package - $50

    The dog coat care package includes a bath with luxury shampoo, a coat conditioner, and a thorough brushing.  

Basic Cat Bath - $27

     Cat baths can be with a water or waterless shampoo.

Cat Coat Care Package - $40

    The cat coat care package includes a bath with luxury shampoo, a coat conditioner, and a thorough brushing.  Cat baths can be with water or a waterless shampoo.

Nail Trim - $10

Anal Gland Expression - $10

These can be added onto any boarding experience or coat care package.

Our Rewards

We recognize that you our customers are our greatest asset.  We want to say thank you by offering you free nights as rewards in two ways.  You can receive Loyalty Rewards by having multiple stays and filling out your passport.  You can receive Referral Rewards by referring others to us.

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